Seine River a bit East of Notre Dame cathedral





          Notre-Dame is located on an island in the Seine river.  Over the centuries the town of Paris has developed in concentric circles around the island.

          In the 5th or 6th century there was an old cathedral dedicated to Saint Etienne.  It occupied part of what is now the nave and a large part of the square in front of the present cathedral.

          In the 7th century and then rebuilt in the 9th century there was a church dedicated to Notre-Dame.  It covered part of the current nave.

          Next came an ancient round church, Saint-Jean-le-Rond that was continuously rebuilt up to the 18th century, located to the left of the present facade.

          The two large (42' diameter) rose windows were completed in 1270.

           Height under the roof  140'      Tower height 207'        Total length 416'            


































































               The Musee Du Louvre received 5 millions visitors per year consists of eight departments and housed in three wings around the Napolean Courtyard.

               The oldest part of the building is from a section of Philippe-Auguste's castle of 1190.  The main visitor's entrance is under the largest glass pyramid.  First opened as a museum in 1793














              Visitors crowded in the gallery room featuring the Mona Lisa.




                        Typical crowds throughout the museum on the day we visited.                                                                    Winged Victory of Samothrace, Greek, 190 BC







                                                                                                          St. Sulpice church