Buchenwald Concentration Camp, built as prison and labor camp and not an extermination camp.  250,000 people incarcerated, approximately 56,000 died. 

     The sick and too old to work to work were often shipped to extermination camps.  Liberated April 1945



       Sign on entrance gate reads "To Each His Own"



































































           Current housing for the poor, former East German, built during Soviet occupation




                Torgau, Germany    City where the American forces coming from the west met up with the Soviets coming from the east

                Hartenfels Castle.  Chapel built 1544, consecrated by Martin Luther















                                                                                                                                                           Our walking tour guide in Torgau











           Suzi our overall tour guide/manager from Australia contemplating what to do with the pesty photographers and Ken Hamburger, our companion historian. retied soldier and military expert.


































       <onument commemorating the meeting of the west and east allied forces, Torgau, Germany

































       Brandenburg Gate, Berlin (formerly East Berlin) Germany