Our hotel room in Caen.




              Taken from our hotel room in Caen.





           Road passes under water way canal.















                                                                              Our tour guide Suzi and Michael DeValavielle at Brecourt Manor







               The very new memorial to the 101st Airborne, erected by Michael DeValavielle at the edge of his property




                                                                   Utah Beach museum
















































              Location of fox hole used by Brigadier General Gavin, 82nd Airborne Division, near LaFriere Bridge.









         Church of Sainte-Mere-Eglise, founded in the 12th century.  










               Musee  des Troopes Aeroportees






















             Sainte-Mere-Eglise, possibly the center of town.




      Pointe du Hoc,   situated between Utah beach and Omaha beach
































           Normandy American Cemetery has 9387 headstones, 3 Medal of Honor recipients, situated on 172 acres.    














                                                                   Pointe du HoTiled ceiling of the chapel at Normandy American Cemetery















                                        Normandy American Cemetery overlooking Omaha beach







         German bunker overlooking Omaha Beach     



                                                  Omaha Beach      each



























                                                                                       Our trip's expert historian from West Point Military Academy, Ken Hamburger, PhD